Contact - Cancer In Sri Lanka by Dr. Naomal Perera
Contact - Cancer In Sri Lanka by Dr. Naomal Perera
Contact - Cancer In Sri Lanka by Dr. Naomal Perera
5 Shades Of Nipple Discharge
5 shades of nipple discharge Nipple discharge is not a rare symptom among women who present at breast clinics, which...
Long-lasting Diseases Can Ignite Cancer
LONG-LASTING DISEASES CAN IGNITE CANCER The link between long-lasting and irritating diseases (chronic inflammation) and cancer was noticed as early...
Has A New Cancer Become The 3rd Commonest Cancer In Sri Lanka?
Has a new cancer become the 3rd commonest cancer in Sri Lanka? Statistics have shown a new cancer emerging as...
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    About Dr. Naomal Perera

    Dr. Naomal Perera - Consultant Oncological Surgeon - Cancer In Sri Lanka

    The author is a Consultant Oncological Surgeon, currently practicing in Colombo Sri Lanka, with over 20 years experience on treating cancers and managing predisposing diseases that could lead to a cancer. He is a Fellow Surgeon at the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and a Fellow at the American Society of Surgical Oncology. His special interest is on Breast cancers and Oncoplastic surgeries of the breast.

    Consultant Oncological Surgeon